Are you looking for a Pressure Washer Unit that will do just about any job?   

The MiTM 3008 8 GPM, 3000 PSI Dual Gun unit may be the answer. 

Use the unit with a Single Gun at 8GPM!! or Dual Guns at 4GPM!! 


This unit will wash and rinse rapidly, and, with the Adjustable wand you can adjust the pressure and water flow while washing as needed. 

For concrete washing this unit is hard to beat with a 36' Big Guy surface cleaner setup for 8GPM water flow! 


The picture below shows one configuration on a 16' Heavy Duty trailer and one on a 12' Heavy Duty trailer. 

Our trailers are built to our specifications with 3/16" angle iron, extra bracing, bull dog hitch, heavy duty jack.  Standard axles with brakes or heavy duty with brakes.

We can custom build to any specification, with water totes or a 525 gallon leg tank.  

(The pump can be adjusted for higher PSI with less water flow as well.)

The MiTM 8GPM Pressure Washer.  FEEL the POWER!!

Big Guy Maxima 36"

Hose Reel

Adjustable Wand

525 Gallon Leg Tank

MiTM 3008 on a 12' Trailer